About Rockfort

Rockfort is a brand jointly funded by several investors, including shareholders of NASDAQ listed companies. Rock reflects our solid foundation, and Fort Fort represents our commitment. Rockfort is committed to providing solid and stable trading services, trading products, trading systems, and trading security for global investors and traders.

The Rockfort Group has provided financial services for many years worldwide. The group has several companies including Rockfort Markets in New Zealand, Rockfort International (CAN) in Canada, Rockfort International (Sec) in Seychelles, and has authorization and supervision in multiple jurisdictions , FMA regulatory number 509766, Canadian MSB regulatory number M20696230.

Rockfort's electronic trading products for investors include global foreign exchange, stocks, stock indexes, options, futures and other CFD products, covering online trading execution and settlement of stocks and securities in 125 trading centers in 31 countries around the world Wait.

The Rockfort team fully cooperates in the fields of investment scenarios, asset portfolios / operations, and financial derivatives, and strives to build a stable, open, and win-win industry technology and financial ecology, creating an equal, preferential, and convenient financial derivatives transaction for global investors Environment and system.

The Rockfort brand consists of the following main bodies.

ROCKFORT HOLDINGS LIMITED is a limited liability company located in New Zealand

ROCKFORT MARKETS LIMITED is a limited liability company located in New Zealand Supervised by the New Zealand Market and Monetary Authority FMA, supervision number FSP509766

ROCKFORT INTERNATIONAL (Canada) LIMITED is a limited liability company located in Canada (Business Registration Number: 1181111-8)It is an enterprise that provides MSB (Money Services Business) service regulated by Canada FINTRAC, supervision number M20696230

Risk warning:Margin trading for all Forex, Precious Metals and CFD products is associated with significant risks and is therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks involved before trading with us. For more risk details, please see Rockfort's Risk Statement and Margin Policy.